Steel City Corp.
1000 Hedstrom Drive
Ashland, OH, 44805

From the Basics to the Innovative

For over 80 years, Steel City Corp. has been serving the publishing and distribution industry and their efforts have been recognized as President’s Award Winner by Publishers Association to Gain Economy Cooperative (PAGE) on numerous occasions. Additionally, Steel City Corp. has achieved Platinum Preferred Vendor status by this national group of over 1600 newspapers.

Steel City Corp., based in Ashland, OH, is a manufacturer, distributor and broker of an extensive catalogue of home delivery and single copy supplies and equipment.

Included among those home delivery supplies are motor route tubes/posts/ubolts, miscellaneous motor route supplies and polybags. Single copy supplies includes in-store displays, newspaper vending machines/parts and point of purchase displays.

In an effort to assist circulation and audience growth for publishers, Steel City Corp. introduced G.R.A.S.P. (Gaining Readers and Subscribers Program) offering a variety of free-standing insert and other marketing templates.

Recently, Steel City Corp. designed the F2020 Newspaper Display, an attractive in-store newspaper display featuring a digital monitor that drives single copy sales and advertising revenues.  This state of the art display is now in use in nearly 100 newspaper markets.

In 2018, Steel City Corp. sponsored their 8th Annual National Rack Card Contest, receiving over 100 entries from newspapers across the U.S. To date, over 800 rack cards have been submitted via this annual event.

This long-time supporter of NEACE, hosted and sponsored Audience Development Round Table discussions in 2018 and will continue that idea-sharing platform in 2019.

Looking to the future, Steel City Corp. will soon be initiating their Coffee Break Conference Series .This informative series of webinars will be timely, efficient training opportunities offered to Steel City Corp. customers in appreciation for their continued support.


Jim Smith
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