Dear Media Partners:

After 105 years as the New England Association of Circulation Executives (N.E.A.C.E.) we have determined it’s time to expand our focus. Going forward, we will now cover Marketing, Advertising, Production, Operations, and of course Circulation. Our acronym will stay the same, but it will now stand for the NorthEast Association of Communication Executives (N.E.A.C.E.).

Almost a decade ago, the industry phased out the term Circulation in favor of the more generally accepted term Audience. And soon these newly titled Audience Directors found themselves overseeing Digital initiatives, Marketing efforts, and often times Production operations. To reflect these changes with our membership and the industry, our recent conferences and training webinars covered more diverse topics like email marketing, monetizing content, alternative revenue streams for production, and much more.

In addition, changing the name to say Northeast instead of New England allows us to be more inclusive of neighboring states who have expressed interest in joining the organization.

In addition to our name change, our rebranding campaign will include a new website and an overhaul of our social media platforms related to the association. We’ll continue to search for the perfect blend of virtual and in-person conferences and training sessions, with a continued mission to educate and assist members, while we promote and protect the interests of our local news industry.

Thank you for your continued support,
Lori Rahill